Friday, September 17, 2004

Try A9

Amazon launched A9, this search service uses Google, Internet Movie Database, Amazon itself, etc giving a richer experience that allows to link your history search with related books, images, movies, etc...

I liked this search aproach. Try it yourself.


Anonymous said...

(not about this post)
My Mr. Gus, after our chat last wensday I ran to my computer to suscribe me into your RSS feeds. But after a while, I noticed that you only have atom suscription which I cant see with my RSS news reader so I couldn't suscribe me. But... I'll step here regularly.

Greetings ;)

Gustavo Muñoz said...

Who are you? Anonymous? If you are Anonymous, wow! you are very famous and, let me tell you, very old.
Well, which reader do you have? Atom is standard enough as long as I see. And as long as I know, it's the only feed type Blogger publish.

Gustavo Muñoz said...

Well, Anonymous Beco, of course you can comment anonymously. Reading again my comment it seems to be a little agressive, and it wasn't the intention.

Gustavo Muñoz said...

Now my feed supports RSS, thanks to FeedBurner.
You'd can subscribe to my feed nowadays. Let me know if you have any additional problems.