Friday, October 01, 2004

Announcing backport of JSR166 to Java 1.4

Dawid Kurzyniec has announced that he has written a backport of JSR 166 to Java 1.4.

"I am happy to announce availability of a backport of java.util.concurrent API to Java 1.4. The backport is based on sources from JSR 166 CVS repository (September 2004), and dl.util.concurrent 1.3.4. The backport is nearly complete; unsupported functionality is limited mostly to the following classes: 1) requiring explicit JVM support (e.g. nanosecond clock), 2) some non-essential functions described as "designed primarily for use in monitoring in system state, not for synchronization control", 3) functionality that would affect performance, or 4) functionality that would require development of substantial amount of new code."

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