Sunday, October 05, 2003

Some pornography considerations. So let's think about a group of men which view at last once a day pornography for an hour. Some of them are married, some are single. I wonder if the pleasure of seeing those women fucking or just posing is much better than the rough reality that or you are without a girl, or your girl isn't so cool as the girl in the video or photo. If you like to masturbate seeing this, maybe the reguard is much more than just seeing this photos at your pc monitor. Maybe, this way Porn-Masturbation is a stalemate. So, the sad part of the story is porn without masturbation. So, what I'm telling here is that pornography with sex (masturbating counts) is the only way seeing it could be worth way to spend your time. Of course, if your wife or girlfriend likes in viewing porn as a light sex preparation, it's also a natural way to use porn.